Linking Protocol: An Activist’s Guide to Proper Link Usage

Link usage and link policy are subjects that we hold dear. Join us today was we give some tips on how link usage can help your activism train running smoothly. Don’t Link has always been vocal about activism and how link policies can stifle activism causes.  As we would love to continue providing important information for the good fight, here are a few tips on how activists can use links properly:

Anchor Texts

If you want to have a healthy Google score, your anchor texts must make sense. The keyword that you use must be in line with the Meta data that is being used or the point that you want to make the most. For example, it would make no sense to make the word “bike” a hyperlink to a site that talk about cupcakes.

From an editorial standpoint, it is an illogical move and Google’s algorithm will take your anchor text and the link it is direction into consideration as it builds your site strength.

Paid Links

If you have ever come across anyone selling links, here is a tip: STAY AWAY FROM IT. There are people out there that promise a boost to your site through massive backlinking. However, these people often do not take special care in thinking of what anchor text to use. Often, they stuff keywords one after another.

Such moves can and will ultimately hurt your site’s standing. When an activist’s website is deemed not credible, not only will that hurt the owner, it hurts the cause as well.

Dead Links

Do not make use of links from places or websites that have gone defunct. It would be wise if you go back to check your old posts every now and then to check the health of the sites that you have linked to. When you find that the links have gone bad, it would be in the best interest of your website to remove them. You can also update them. Just be mindful of not using the same anchor text as you move forward.

Link Policy

All discussions inevitably turn toward linking policies. As an IT company, not fall into the pit of strict policies when it comes to sharing your links and information. While it may sound like a good idea, there are ways in which you can have reasonable link policies that do not stifle those that want to share your findings.

Good Luck!

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