About Us

Welcome to Don’t Link.

Since the arrival of the internet, people have been fairly connected. Various websites cropped up from all over the world to share their information and details. It became quite common practice for people to link information from other websites from their own.

However, did you know that there are laws that you could be breaking simply by sharing links? As information is power, those that wield have are not beyond trying to keep it contained. Certain official websites and others used for media have all started to embed their policies that are quite unfair for the everyday internet user.

For all you know, that link that you shared because it was interesting came with some strings attached. What is even worse is they keep those strings under some nebulous jargon that is neatly tucked away under the massive information in the “Terms & Agreement”. This is why it is important to be aware of the different linking laws or rules that apply.

This is what this website will be discussing at some length. We shall be tackling linking laws and other points of interest and action. Do not be left behind in the information race—it just might cost you something big.