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Real Money Online Casinos US Players Need to Keep an Eye On

For American players, finding reliable and US Casinos Real money to play at for real money can still be a challenge in 2024. While more states have legalized online gambling in recent years, the options can be limited depending on where you’re located. Here are some of the top real money online casinos that US players need to keep on their radar this year.

BetMGM Casino
BetMGM has quickly emerged as one of the premier online casinos for US players since launching in several states. They are partnered with some of the biggest Las Vegas casino brands like MGM Grand, Bellagio, and Borgata. The game selection is massive with slots, table games, video poker, and live dealer offerings. BetMGM is currently live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia with more markets expected soon. Look for generous welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.

Golden Nugget Online Casino
For those located in New Jersey, Michigan, or eventually Ohio, Golden Nugget Online Casino should be at the top of your list. This long-running Atlantic City casino has translated very well to the digital realm. You’ll find hundreds of high-quality online slots and table games from top-tier providers. Golden Nugget is known for its rapid payouts, reload bonuses, and loyalty program. It’s one of the most polished and user-friendly online casinos out there.

DraftKings Casino
DraftKings first made a name for itself as a daily fantasy sports and sports betting platform. But their casino product is impressive as well, featuring games from respected suppliers like IGT, Evolution, and SG Digital. DraftKings offers a 100% deposit match up to $2,000 for new casino players. They also run blackjack and slots tournaments regularly. Currently, you can access DraftKings Casino from New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Caesars Online Casino
The iconic Caesars brand has successfully transitioned to online gambling, with their casino app available in several US states. Members of the Caesars Rewards program can earn tier credits and other rewards playing online. The game library covers hundreds of slots along with video poker, live dealer tables, and more. Caesars is a solid option in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia with other markets like Ohio on the horizon.

BetRivers Casino
For players in Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and other states where allowed, BetRivers is definitely worth a look. This online casino, operated by Rush Street Gaming, has games from multiple providers like NetEnt and DGC. They offer an impressive welcome bonus of a 100% deposit match up to $1,000. BetRivers is also known for its wide variety of banking options, from credit cards to PayPal to online banking transfers.

While the online gambling landscape continues evolving state-by-state, these real money casinos represent some of the best options currently available to American players. Be sure to thoroughly vet any online casino before depositing to ensure they are licensed, secure, and reputable within your state of residence. And as always, remember to gamble responsibly.

Black Friday Offers You Need to Keep an Eye On

Black Friday 2020 has the potential to be one of the most memorable sales days in decades. Retailers and businesses are trying to make up for lost sales due to the pandemic, which means they’re pulling out all the stops to encourage you to spend your money on their products and services. If you’ve ever dreamt of creating your own app, you can even find game app development companies pushing their services around black friday.

At the same time, marketers are trying to overcompensate for their losses and many end up in burnout. More on this here:

But for the consumer, what will truly make this year’s Black Friday different from those of years’ past is that many stores will close their doors and instead require shoppers to visit their websites to take advantage of their crazy-good deals.

What are the Best Black Friday 2020 Deals?

If you are one of the millions of people looking to save big bucks this November, you’re probably anxious to find out what steals and deals will be offered according to www.naturalhealthscam. Even with health concerns due to the pandemic, stores are finding ways to offer the best discounts on their most popular products according to a post on

Website reports that Home Depot just announced plans to offer Black Friday pricing throughout the months of November and December, giving you more time than ever before to take advantage of their exciting, exclusive deals. This means for the entire holiday season, from early November through December, both in-store and online, you can get major discounts on home improvement essentials like appliances, furniture, light fixtures, flooring, power tools, grills, and more.

Despite Home Depot’s unique plans for 2020, we still expect most retailers to wait until mid-to-late October to announce their Black Friday deals, so be sure to check online for the upcoming Black Friday promotions to stay up to date on the latest news.

In the meantime says, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking at the latest Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Sales on Apple Products

MacBook Air 13” (128GB)

The hottest items on Black Friday tend to be Apple products, so it’s no surprise that the most sought-after items in 2019 included the MacBook Air. Last year, Amazon ran a Black Friday special for a 13” MacBook Air (128GB) for $799, which was $300 off its regular price of $1,099. Because the MacBook Air is such a hot item, we’re expecting Amazon to offer a similar, exciting Black Friday discount on the 2020 MacBook Air.

Apple iPad

In 2019, Apple’s 10.2” iPad was available for $229 on Black Friday. This $100 discount was so impressive, it had shoppers lining around the block at their local Best Buys. The greatly reduced iPad was also available on Amazon. The price of this must-have gadget hasn’t dropped that low since. But as we get closer to Black Friday 2020, we’re anticipating an equally impressive deal. If you have been waiting to get your hands on an iPad Pro or iPad Air, it may be worth waiting to see how much of a discount you can score in November.

Apple Watch and AirPods

The Apple Watch is still just as popular as it was when it first debuted, so just like years past, we’re expecting significant discounts on all models. In 2019, retailers offered impressive discounts on Apple Watches and AirPods, saving shoppers a big chunk of change at checkout. So far in 2020, the latest AirPods, the AirPods Pro have been available for as low as $219, so we’re expecting an even lower price on Black Friday.

Microsoft Black Friday Deals

Microsoft waited until the first of November in 2019 to announce their Black Friday deals and they were worth every bit of the hype. Check out last year’s Black Friday deals to get an idea of what sort of deals to expect from Microsoft on this year’s Black Friday.

Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and Surface Go

The Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Laptop 3 were in high demand in 2019 so their Black Friday discounts had consumers practically drooling. Shoppers could snag the Surface Pro 7 (i5/8GB/128GB option) with included Type Cover for $799 (originally $1,029). They also dropped the price of the Surface Pro 7 + Type Cover with i5/8GB/256GB by $330. The Surface Pro 7 with i3/4GB/128GB was on sale for $599.

The Surface Laptop 3, both the 13.5” and the 15” touchscreen versions, were discounted by $300, giving them a starting price of $999. The Black Friday deal on the Surface Go saved shoppers up to $150 by offering them for as low as $299.

Windows 10 PCs

If it’s PCs you’re interested in, Microsoft caters to that as well. For Black Friday in 2019, Microsoft offered exciting deals on a range of PCs and accessories, including the HP 15 Laptop (i3) for $299. The HP 15 Laptop (i5) was on sale for $399 and the HP 15 Laptop (i7) was available for $499.

Their Black Friday specials also included the Dell XPS 15, which was on sale for $1,699, a $300 discount.

Gaming PCs

Gamers everywhere rejoiced when Microsoft announced their Black Friday deals on their popular gaming PCs. Shoppers were able to save up to $400 on powerful Windows 10 gaming PCs, including the Lenovo Legion Y540, Asus ROG Strix G GL531GT, and Acer Predator Triton 500. These PCs are perfect to experience your favourite games from Call of Duty to casino games like playing Starburst XXXtreme.

Galaxy Note10 Phones

Microsoft continued their list of Black Friday deals with the announcement of steep discounts on the Samsung Galaxy Note10. Customers flocked to their local Microsoft Stores to save up to $200 on the Note10 and S10 phones and also received free Samsung Galaxy Buds worth $129.99.

Black Friday Deals on Web Hosting

According to professional bloggers, if you are planning to start a website this year, Black Friday is a great time to buy web hosting. Web hosting service providers like Bluehost wait until this mega-popular shopping day to release some of their biggest discounts and best deals on their hugely popular, reliable hosting plans.

Coupons and discounts for web hosting are available all year long, but if you can wait until late November, you could save as much as 90% on a hosting plan. Some hosting providers also run deals on add-ons to save you even more money on managing your website.

Black Friday TV Deals

Is there anything more synonymous with Black Friday than major discounts on TVs? For years, Black Friday has been the most popular day for deals on TVs, and people really know how to get excited about big screens at low prices. In 2019, 4K TVs were a must-have, hot item. Black Friday shoppers went running (literally) for 4K TVs as small as 40 inches to as big as 70 inches, hoping to get their hands on a significantly reduced TV. 50” 4K TVs were available for as low as $148, while 70” 4K TVs were on sale for a shockingly low price of $549.

This year, you can expect retailers to continue the trend and potentially price their TVs even more aggressively in hopes of encouraging shoppers to shell out the bucks for a bigger TV. Black Friday 2020 deals will include competitively low prices on giant-screen QLED/OLED sets. You’re not going to want to miss out on this Black Friday special.

Black Friday Deals on Gaming Systems

If you’re hoping for a Black Friday discount on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, you’re likely going to be left disappointed. The newest consoles, due to be released this fall, will be available to purchase on Black Friday, but without discounts. Microsoft and Sony haven’t revealed how much their newest consoles will cost, but even at full price they are guaranteed to sell out quickly both in-store and online.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming system, you should expect retailers to release bundles as part of their Black Friday specials. Gaming bundles usually feature the gaming console at regular price, but with popular games and must-have accessories included. If you’re interested in a PlayStation, Xbox, or even the Nintendo Switch, keep an eye out for gaming bundles to take advantage of on Black Friday. If you are someone who doesn’t have to have the latest model, consider purchasing the PS4 or the Xbox One S. We’re expecting both consoles to go on sale for $199 this Black Friday.

Smart Home Devices

Sales of smart home devices have been steady thanks to the Google Nest and Amazon Echo. This Black Friday you can expect prices on these items to be the lowest to date. Amazon and Google are constantly competing and Black Friday will be no different. Shoppers will be able to take advantage of significant discounts on the following smart home devices:

  • Echo Dot Gen. 3
  • Echo Dot with clock display
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Echo 3rd
  • Google Nest Hub
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Studio
  • Apple HomePod
  • Echo Show 8
  • Echo Show 5

Kitchen Gadgets

For Black Friday in 2019, there were endless discounts on popular kitchen gadgets like air fryers, pressure cookers like the Instant Pot, and more. This year the discounted items may seem a little familiar, especially given the continued popularity of air fryers, but the discounts themselves will be even steeper. Retailers like Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon will compete to offer the lowest prices on these must-have kitchen gadgets.

Swedish citizens left defenseless against rising levels of crime

The current state of Sweden is turbulent and filled with turmoil as the crime statistics have hit the roof in just a couple of years. This is an otherwise peaceful nation with law-abiding citizens.

Now Sweden can be compared to countries with ongoing armed conflicts and warzones regarding explosions its now everyday life and nothing that raises any eyebrows. In the year of 2019 alone 257 explosions occurred around Sweden.

The perpetrators of all these crimes are criminal gangs fighting over drug distribution. The violence has spun out of proportion, making shootings and explosions a common way of solving disputes.

In all this violence you find the regular Swedish citizen, left alone to cope in an environment they are not familiar with.

Since crime is left relatively unchecked and unstopped many swedes are arming themself in whatever way they can to defend themself. However, Swedish law forbids any citizen from owning a firearm, which makes it much harder.

To own a firearm, you must have a license to hunt or be a member of a shooting club. There’s been an increase in people applying for membership in shooting clubs and wanting to take the hunters licence as an excuse for legal ownership of a gun.

Even such standard self defense weapon as pepper spray is illegal in Sweden. Entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this and created new legal alternative products with a different formula since it’s the ingredients in pepper spray that’s illegal. According to, announcing these type of defense products to the Swedish market is a success since it’s a product in high demand.

Swedish authorities do not seem to manage to take control over the situation with mild sentences and a so-called sentence discount for those having committed several crimes, meaning that they might only get convicted for one crime, when in fact they committed five.

Swedes have a naive way of looking at harsh criminals. Making criminal gangs view the Swedish justice system as a joke, and they are certainly not afraid of the legal consequences of their actions.

Swedish police did launch an operation called “Rim Frost” with the purpose to disrupt crime and harass known criminals in areas known for criminal activity. The public opinion regarding this operation was in general positive since this in many peoples eyes is the first time for the police to take action against the criminal gangs that have terrorised Sweden for the past few years.

The Swedish police themself are describing the Swedish justice system as obsolete and sometimes working against them. Since this situation in Sweden is unprecedented lawmakers have not to jet caught up to new Sweden. Both the police and politicians have a huge challenge in front of them, this while Swedish citizens in more significant numbers start showing contempt for the government. Taking control of this situation is going to take time and a lot of effort and requires the whole Swedish society to stand as one against the criminals.

Linking Protocol: An Activist’s Guide to Proper Link Usage

Link usage and link policy are subjects that we hold dear. Join us today was we give some tips on how link usage can help your activism train running smoothly. Don’t Link has always been vocal about activism and how link policies can stifle activism causes.  As we would love to continue providing important information for the good fight, here are a few tips on how activists can use links properly:

Anchor Texts

If you want to have a healthy Google score, your anchor texts must make sense. The keyword that you use must be in line with the Meta data that is being used or the point that you want to make the most. For example, it would make no sense to make the word “bike” a hyperlink to a site that talk about cupcakes.

From an editorial standpoint, it is an illogical move and Google’s algorithm will take your anchor text and the link it is direction into consideration as it builds your site strength.

Paid Links

If you have ever come across anyone selling links, here is a tip: STAY AWAY FROM IT. There are people out there that promise a boost to your site through massive backlinking. However, these people often do not take special care in thinking of what anchor text to use. Often, they stuff keywords one after another.

Such moves can and will ultimately hurt your site’s standing. When an activist’s website is deemed not credible, not only will that hurt the owner, it hurts the cause as well.

Dead Links

Do not make use of links from places or websites that have gone defunct. It would be wise if you go back to check your old posts every now and then to check the health of the sites that you have linked to. When you find that the links have gone bad, it would be in the best interest of your website to remove them. You can also update them. Just be mindful of not using the same anchor text as you move forward.

Link Policy

All discussions inevitably turn toward linking policies. As an IT company, not fall into the pit of strict policies when it comes to sharing your links and information. While it may sound like a good idea, there are ways in which you can have reasonable link policies that do not stifle those that want to share your findings.

Good Luck!

Real Talk: Are All Linking Policies Restricting and Outdated?

We have been going on at some length about linking policies. Does this mean to say that all linking policies are outdated and restricting? Read on to find out.

Don’t Link has given quite a bit of expansion regarding the topic of linking policies that some websites apply to their sites. We do this because some of these websites claim they have linking policies yet do not really have any. For example, Andrew Corporation has stated that it prohibited links to its site without explicit written consent. This is something that you get through their ‘link request form’. However, at the time of viewing, it does not even exist. How do they expect people to be able to link if there is no way to do so?

Other sites like Shell have the same policy. When you are trying to build a site that could be enhanced with information from other sites, how do you go about it responsibly? Does this mean to suggest that most, if not all, site linking policies are restricting and outdated?

Not Really

Just as there are sites that are quite restrictive when it comes to linking to them, there are those that carry a link as you please policy. Policies exist because they are trying to protect something. It would do no good to casually put your content out into the world and expect everyone to treat it with respect. There are those that simply exist to bring about discord.

Even websites that have a link as you please policy will still have some that are within the lines of reason. Here are some of their policies:

Rescind link policy

This is when they see that you link to their website and your site has details or content that is not in line with their values. If such a thing were to occur, they do reserve the right to ask you to take down the link or they will simply cut off your access to that link. This is not as unreasonable as it sounds.

For example, let us say that a wholly religious website finds that their content is being used on a graphic pornography 3rd party site as a joke or with the intent to offend. As the ideas clash with each other and there is basis for offensive usage of content, the rescind link policy kicks into action. This protects the religious site and its content from being abused.

Content limitation

Quotations are often a way of building articles. However, some websites (mostly publications) will ask that you keep quotations to at least below 180 words. This is to give other websites the chance to build their own take on a subject. They will also require proper citation. That is only fair, after all.

The online world is a community and we should all help to keep it healthy and positive. Stealing content is a no-no. Therefore, not all link policies are outdated or restricting. It just serves to keep everyone accountable and responsible.

Do Linking the Right Way: Responsible Linking Tips

As we have been doing deeper discussions regarding odd linking policies, it should follow that we should now be looking toward responsible linking. Join us today as we look at some tips that can help you link properly. This information is also helpful for activists who wish to build their online credibility over time.

When you are in the business of sharing information that people should be able to trust, it is important that when you share links, they should be above board as well. There are a lot of odd linking policies that have been cropping up in the net over the past 10 years or so. Thankfully some of them have changed yet some stubborn ones persist—oh well.

What is important is that we all take the good and use it properly. After all, there is no sense in just proving those people who subscribe to their stupid linking policies right. If you are going to link to a site, here are a few tips for you:

Check their linking policy

Yes, this is the first thing that you must do. There are just some sites whose linking policies end up biting you hard in the long run so it would be smart to just avoid those. You can always check out linking policies in the Terms & Conditions section of a website. This is normally located at the very bottom of every page of the website—that is correct, every page. You only need to scroll all the way to the bottom.

It might be a bit of a read but this is important if you want to stay out of trouble. It should also give you an idea of what sorts of website value the sharing of information and not controlling it. You should also check if the links are working. There would be no sense in studying up on a site’s linking policy if the link is dead in the water. This can end up penalizing your website as well.

Remember, Google does not like dead or broken links (especially those that associate with them).

Brush up on Google’s policy

When it comes to sharing links on your website, it is important to stay on the right side of Google’s policies. This will ensure that your site will remain in the search results and traffic will not get cut off (it has been known to happen). The thing is Google’s policies change all the time—which is why it is doubly important to check in on their policies and adjust your strategies accordingly. If one of their policies state that you should not overload on links, you should follow it.

Putting in too many links in a single article can be suffocating and damage your website’s credibility.

Why is responsible linking necessary?

For one, it keeps you out of trouble. It also helps build a better network of sites that do not go overboard with their linking policies. Putting it into your articles that the websites that you link to allow proper disbursement of their information can help other people as well!

What’s the Hullaballoo about Homepage Linking Preference?

With the whole discussion about linking policies, one of the common points that crop up is the preference of homepage linking. What is behind this particular policy? As always, Don’t Link is your resource for relevant discourse about linking policies and activism.

The past few months we have discussed the concepts of odd and unfair linking policies that hamper the freedom of sharing information from certain websites. It seems that a majority of the websites that have odd linking policies often prefer that users link to the homepage rather than other parts or sections of the website.

What is the homepage?

From a website standpoint, the homepage is the face of a website. A website’s health is predominantly determined by the traffic or activity that it gets. Google tends to base their rankings on the activity that a site’s homepage gets.

Why prefer the homepage as a link?

One of the reasons why a lot of websites have linking policies that only allow third-party websites to link to their homepage is because of site traffic. When people click the link from 3rd party sites that lead into other parts of a particular site, the extra points that drive up traffic and site ranking are given to the 3rd party and not the source website.

With websites coming up with revenue from ads and whatnot, it is critical that they have a lot of traffic. The higher their traffic ranking, the better the chances of more revenue coming in for the site owner! Yes, it all boils down to money in the end.

Content usage control

If it was not for the revenue, they are after controlling the way their information is presented or used. One of the reasons why some sites prefer that only their homepage is linked is because of quality control. There are some websites out there that write damaging reports or even counter what is presented.

Mind you, this discourse is not about boosting the importance of link policy, this is simply a peek at why some websites feel that they should have linking policies. Protecting the image of your brand is good. However, it is when certain linking policies go overboard like asking for personal information that these policies need to be reviewed.

Sites like the one is the American Stock Exchange have been known to prohibit unauthorized hypertext links to their site. There are others like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that had previously demanded a written license agreement. It is when websites penalize or even threaten of “further legal action” when their linking policies are violated is outright ridiculous.

So while it is understandable why some websites would prefer that 3rd party websites link toward their homepage, it does not follow that they should also try to impose unreasonable rules on those who merely want to refer back to them as a source. In order for information to be fluidly processed by readers, the details should be streamlined. If you are talking about a particular subject, it makes no sense to link to a site that does not support or emphasize the subject that you are tackling. It makes the message disjointed. In the end, not only do those websites with absurd linking policies hurt other sites, they invariably hurt themselves as well.

Stupid Linking Policies: Ways in Which Certain Sites Restrict Information Sharing

We are back this month with more discussions about linking policies and how they restrict users and frankly make very little sense. Once again, linking policies are the rules that websites impose on users regarding the use of their ‘links’ or content. Today, we will be looking into the ways the way sites restrict information sharing through link policies.

There are a variety of ways in websites can impose their rules. Here are a few ways how:

No “Deep Linking”

If you are not aware of the concept, ‘deep linking’ refers to linking to a particular page in a website that is NOT the homepage. In a regular website there is the homepage or often the landing page that greets browsers. If you were to check other information like the “about” page or a particular article on that website and use the URL from those pages as a link, that can land you in trouble.

For example, Kyle has his website named Frog and David wanted to use Kyle’s article on “10 best ways to feed your Frog” as an emphasis to a point he was making on his own website. If Kyle’s website does not allow deep linking, David cannot use the URL of the article he found so useful or interested.

Another example, would be an injury lawyer in Fort Worth looking to have people find his page about his personal injury services to the local Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. As you can see this link goes directly to an internal page which is considered deep linking.

Request forms

One of the more ridiculous linking policies that still exist today, there are certain websites that require users to fill in a request form that list their full legal name, their physical home address, and many other details just to link to the homepage. And even if you do decide to go through this process, the websites can reserve the right to withdraw your permission without prior notification.

What makes this so sketchy is the fact that these websites do not even say what they do with your information. If there is anything that anyone should protect, it is their personal information as identity theft is a very real occurrence. As these websites actually do not say what they do with your information, it is understandable why written request forms are one of the more dubious linking policies out there.

Written consent

There are websites that require users to wait until they receive express written consent in order to be able to link to their content. As bloggers and other webmasters require doling out fresh and updated content, having to wait for written consent can mean delays which invariably bog down a site’s traffic. When you are on the business of doling out information, being bogged down and waiting for written consent can be such a hindrance.

Such linking policies are devised to keep information monopolized until the pertinent timeframe has passed and the information is not longer urgent.

Some Final Thoughts

Certain link policies are understandable as the way content is reused should be subject to review by the original posters. However, carrying it over to the point wherein they go into asking for personal information without suitable explanation is going overboard. It is all quite ridiculous.

Unchain the Links: Stupid Linking Policies

Welcome back to Don’t Link. Today, we discuss something that is quite near and dear to our hearts: stupid linking policies. We hope you stay a while and pick up a few tips regarding linking ‘laws’.

What is a linking policy?

These are rules that websites impose on people who would wish to make use of a link for another website. To be clearer, let us say that Kyle has a website named Frogs and his friend David would like to use a link from Frog in an article to emphasize a point. If Kyle’s website has a linking policy that allows that to happen, then David will be able to do what he plans to do.

However, if Kyle’s linking policy explicitly prohibits any sort of linking; David will not be able to do what he wanted. If David went ahead and linked anyway, it would be a violation of the linking policy and the link will be removed. There is even possibility of getting sued for ‘copyright’ violations.

This would kind of make sense if the information you are getting is something that may compromise national security of harm another person. However, some sites that are about food or food products have linking policies that prohibit people from linking to their actual website.

If you are a blogger and you wanted to write a glowing review, having a link to the product website would just be plain common sense. If that website has a linking policy that prohibits people from linking to their website, you can end up in some hot water. So you can completely see how linking policies can come off as well…stupid. By not letting people use links to something as simple as a product—unless the patent and component of how to build the product was there—it is pretty much akin to someone asking for directions and the only answer they can give you is “I know where it is but I am not allowed to say where it is”.

One of the reasons why the internet was so revolutionary is because of the ease in which information could be gathered and developed. If websites, particularly those in media, start putting in stupid link policies that prohibit people from freely disbursing information, what good is it? In the next few months, we will be sharing more details and information regarding stupid link policies and how they can affect everyday users and webmasters.

Be the Change: Mistakes You MUST Avoid As an Activist

When you are someone who wants to illicit change in others, you must hold yourself to a higher standard. Today, we will be discussing mistakes that you simply must avoid as an activist. The life of an activist can be quite challenging. In order to become someone who can be trusted enough to boost or push a cause, you must first get yourself in order. The last thing that any cause needs to have is a liability. There are already too many naysayers out there that already shoot down any form of reasoning that is presented to them.

The last thing that any cause needs is to give any sort of ammunition to the opposition. In order to avoid this, consider these as a guide of what you must avoid:

Not fact checking

If there were any two words that would perfectly illustrate the theme of 2017, it would be fake news. This is a common tag that is attached to any report that is contrary or not in line with a person believes. It does not actually help that there are actually false and misleading reports out there.

As an activist, it is important to be responsible about the information that you share. If you ever see any new development about a cause that you care about, take the time to study the source. Are there other ways to check if the information you have is credible? Do not just be another person who reads the headline and automatically presses the “share” button on social media.

There is enough noise out in the world. Any self-respecting activist will make time to ensure that they are not just adding more pointless noise into the already frayed narrative.

Not picking your battles

Not every argument is something that you need to be part of. There are instances where engaging a person whether online or offline does not yield anything positive. It is pretty much like when a person who likes to spew garbage is headed your way. Do you stand there and let the filth pile over you or do you sidestep and just keep going?

Always consider if the person you are engaging can eventually lead into a teachable encounter. Activists aim to empower and to educate not humiliate and badger. If you do not pick your battles, you will end up with a lot of pent-up frustration and aggression.

Not having any consistency

When you are representing a cause, it is important to be consistent with how you portray yourself and what you are fighting for. It will do nothing for your credibility as an activist to claim that you are vegan one moment then be spotted craving for hamburgers the next moment. It also damages the cause that you have declared to be supporting.

Final Points

Avoiding mistakes is fine—what is better is making room for mistakes when they occur. Activism is an ever evolving process and being too rigid will mean that you will not grow. Look out for mistakes but do not be scared of making any yourself. Just be mindful of it all in the end.