Welcome back to Don’t Link.

As you may know, this website is all about empowering readers into making informed and aware choices. That said, we also endeavor to promote causes that affect countless of individuals. We understand that there are causes worth fighting for and we would like to help spread awareness.

As with a lot of causes in the world everyone could use with a bit more of enlightenment, right? We are all on the same boat and it would only make sense to help each other out. As such, we would like to announce that we are hosting online ads for organizations, events, and persons that have causes that they would like to boost. Here are some of the types of online ads that we run:

Web Banners

The fastest way to get the attention of casual browsers is through well-made web banners. Banners are not just something that you throw together and put up. It needs to look good otherwise it will be dismissed as spam—or worse, a phishing tactic.

We have some web developers that help build your web banners, if your cause does not have any yet. If you do, you can talk to our developers to determine where your banner can have the most impact and subsequent clicks from interested parties.

Written Content

Certain causes need elaboration. Sponsored content is a good way to introduce people to the matter on hand. Our talented writers can help expound on what you are fighting for and why people should too.

If you are ready to advertise with us, you can reach us through 404-889-9250.